Wakeup your Romance in Vienna

Jovan | 10th Oct 2018
Erwecke Deine Romanze in Wien

Romance in Vienna sounds perfect, the city offers a handful of hidden, interesting, romantic places that couples can visit and enjoy together. Let me share some of my favorite places with you:

Prater Park and Amusement Park

The Prater Park, one of the oldest parks in Vienna, offers magnificent nature walks with breathtaking views for couples. Nearby is the oldest amusement park in the world, with its famous "Point" (Vienna Ferris Wheel), a favorite spot not only for children but for anyone who wants to feel young again and brave enough to ride wild. You don't need to be so brave to ride the Ferris wheel. You really need to experience the most fascinating view of the city of Vienna when the wheel is 64.75 meters high and you can see all the landmarks of the city.

Belvedere Palace

With its beautifully landscaped garden full of colorful flowers and greenery, the palace is indeed a destination for romantic walks. Take your beloved person, walk the paths of this centuries-old castle and visit the Belvedere Museum, where Gustav Klimt's masterpiece "The Kiss" is located. A kiss before a kiss sounds romantic, doesn't it?

Magical Danube

Some like simple walks along the riverbank, and for those who want more, we recommend a boat ride on the Danube. Full moon, a glass of good wine and embrace a loved one. Enjoy.


Walk through the city, walk through the center or walk through Spittelberg, a district of the 7th Vienna district with beautiful Biedermeier architecture. Enjoy the architecture of Vienna that has not left anyone indifferent.

Vienna Region

If you want to take a break from the best beer, we forgive you; on the outskirts of the city, you can visit wonderful vineyards (19th district of Vienna) and enjoy good wine. It offers you an idyllic experience and a beautiful view of the city. Of course, Kahlenberg is naturally unavoidable. A view from this hill, which we recommend at night when the lights are on and the romance of flames.

Schönbrunn Palace

The most beautiful baroque complex in Europe is definitely this one, with enormous historical significance and unique design. Not quite sure if you can manage to see all 1,441 rooms, but walk through the Schönbrunn Palace Park, which is free for all visitors. Whether you choose to take a walk through the park, look for an outdoor labyrinth or visit the Zoo Garden, you won't make a mistake.

Romance is Back

Did someone say waltz? Yes, you can find people dancing in Vienna if you try to find some local events and make a place in your schedule for one of the numerous balls held around the year. If you're a little shy, there's a chance to book a private waltz class and learn some classic movies. Extra Romance Tip: In Vienna, there are several places where you can sit in carriages, and as in old times, you can ride through the city as if you were in the 15th century. Is there a better surprise for your love than this?

Each of us has our own romantic experience, no matter what you decide, you won't make a mistake. Spend wonderful moments with a loved one, enjoy those moments, cherish them, and bring a big smile to your face. Romantic can also be a simple conversation on a bench in the park, drinking coffee in the cozy gardens of a Viennese restaurant, or even tramping through the city center. Be spontaneous, the path will surely lead you to one of the romantic places that are just right for you. Enjoy your love because it drives the world.