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1. What is Fluxi Taxi: Airport Taxi Vienna?

Fluxi Taxi is taxi service provider, which is specialized for Airport Transfer in Vienna for the fixed price. Beside Airport Transport, you can reserve your taxi to or from Vienna Airport for a fixed price starting from 25 euros. Fluxi Taxi offers also sightseeing tours in Vienna, and tours from Airport Vienna to other Airport in Austria or in the region, Slovakia (Bratislava), Hungary (Budapest).

2. Why is better to order Airport Taxi then regular taxi service?

FFluxi Taxi - Airport Vienna taxi offer drive from or to Vienna Airport for a fixed price, without additional fees. Price of your ride from or to Airport Vienna won’t be affected by traffic jams, time of travel or any other circumstance that will longer your ride from or to International Airport Vienna. Ordinary taxi doesn’t have fixed price rides.

3. How can I order Airport Taxi to or from International Airport Vienna for the fixed price?

Fluxi Taxi airport taxi from or to Vienna Airport can be reserved online with our safe secure web form, SMS, telephone call, Viber, whats up, email us at office@fluxi.at, telegram app. Any way you choose to reserve your taxi ride from or to Vienna Airport will assure you a taxi from 25 euros for the fixed price, without the hidden fee. Contact phone number:+43664 781 04 16

4. Does price depend on the number of passengers or type of vehicle?

Fluxi Taxi has fixed price for a drive to or from Vienna Airport and does not depend on the number of passengers in one vehicle. Fluxi Taxi in the fleet has limousine, van, kombi. Price depends on the type of vehicle you choose for you easy ride to or from Vienna Airport. Limousine is cheapest, but only 3 persons can ride with the limousine for the fixed price. Price for Kombi is little higher, but more affordable because more persons will share kombi. Van is most expensive transport from or to Vienna Airport, but most persons can ride in a van so it can be cheaper if you share expenses with your friends.


Limousine - maximum 3 persons,2 suitcases, and 2 hand luggage. Price starts from 25 euros. Kombi - maximum 5 persons,4 suitcases and 3 hand luggage. Price starts from 25 euros. Van - maximum 8 persons,8 suitcases, and 8 hand luggage. Price Starts from 44 euros. What is included in 25 euros ride to Vienna Airport? Fluxi taxi beside fixed price for a ride to Vienna Airport gives customers: Free Net Free Tablet Free 0,5l PET water Free Sit for Children

6. Does Fluxi Taxi allow smoking in Airport Taxi?

Fluxi taxi doesn't allow smoking in a fleet of Airport Taxi vehicle. Limousine, van or kombi is a nonsmoking area, which will assure you comfortable ride from Vienna airport or to Vienna Airport for the fixed price.

7. How can you find Fluxi taxi representative when you arrive at International Vienna Airport?

Fluxi taxi driver will pick you at a previously arranged place at Vienna Airport. If you have difficulty to find Airport taxi you reserved, please call us to resolve a problem you have with your ride.If you are reserved a ride from hotel, hostel, or some famous sightseeing Fluxi Taxi driver will be on time on the place you agree with the operator of Fluxi Taxi airport taxi service provider.


Fluxi taxi provides payment option in many forms. You can pay your airport taxi with any big credit card issuer. We accept Master Card, Visa, Amex, Diners Club and JCB. Fee for credit card transaction is 3 euros. You can always pay airport taxi with cash without any fee.

9. DO I GET A RECEIPT when I use Fluxi Taxi Airport taxi services?

After a ride, Fluxi Taxi driver will give you a receipt for your ride to or from Vienna Airport.

10. What if my plane is delayed for some reason?

When you reserve your ride from or to International Vienna Airport, the driver gets all information about your flight. Our driver will wait for your plane, and if a plane is delayed he will notice that and wait until you arrive at International Vienna Airport. We follow flights of our customers constantly so we are familiar with all information regarding the flight of our customers that are reserved a flight to or from Vienna Airport. Fluxi taxi does not charge additionally this services or additional fee for waiting for your plane to arrive.

11. Does Fluxi Taxi include a drink or some refreshment in price for Airport Taxi services?

Yes. Fluxi taxi does include free 0,5l PET water to all customers which are driving to or from Vienna Aiport for a fixed price which starts from 23 euros. Our cheapest service includes free water.

12. Can I transport the pets?

Fluxi Taxi doesn’t transport Pets

13. Are there some relifs or special conditions for companies which want to form long-life cooperation?

Fluxi taxi will get some discounts and benefits to loyal customers who are using taxi services for a regular transfer to or from Vienna Airport. Please contact us at email office@fluxi.at or call us.

14. Can I change my booking of airport taxi?

Changing the booking of the ride in the interval from 7 am to 10 pm must be at least 3 hours before. Changing the booking of the ride in the interval from 10 pm to 7 am must be at least 8 hours before.

15. Can I cancel booked ride?

15. Can I cancel booked ride?

Cancellation 24 hours before the ride will not be charged. Cancellation 12 hours and less from the ride will be charged with 50 % of the full price of the ride. Cancellation 6 hours and less from the ride will be charged with 80 % of the full price of the ride. Cancellation 3 hours and less from the ride will be charged at the full price of the ride.

16. Does price include a tip for a driver?

No, the price is fixed and cover costs only of your ride. The tip is completely up to you.

17. What if I cannot locate Fluxi taxi driver?

That situation never happens, but in some case, if you cannot find your driver, just call us at +43664 781 04 16 and our staff will solve the problem, so you can continue your ride from Vienna Airport.

18. If you decide to spend more time on Vienna Airport can you pay for waiting time?

You can pay for waiting time, but we don't recommend to pay extra time for your airport transfer because this will affect your pricing. You can just inform us by any service you can use to contact us, by email, Viber, whats up, order form, or to our phone number. If you need to meet your friend who is coming to Vienna Airport and you want to share taxi, reserve airport taxi for a flight that arrives last.

19. Are there any extra costs if a driver is waiting for me when traveling to or from the airport?

We always want to provide our customers stressful journey from International Vienna Airport. So inform us about any change 12 hours ahead and you can avoid all extra cost and services. Fluxi taxi will try to ensure no costs.

20. Does Fluxi taxi allow food in the airport taxi?

Fluxi taxi provides free PET 0,5l water to their customers without any fee. But food is not allowed.

21. Can I see all available destination and price list for Airport Transport to Viena Airport or from Vienna Airport?

Fluxi Taxi offers transparent pricing for all rides to Vienna Airport and from Vienna Airport. Aiport Transfer from or to Vienna International Airport is for a fixed price without additional cost.

22. What is the minimum time to book a transfer?

Online bookings via our SSL secure encrypted web form are accepted, at least 16 hours before arrival. Otherwise please contact Fluxi Taxi call center so you can get more specific and time reliable information about your airport taxi.

23. How to find an appropriate transfer?

Our web form need to be filled with all pieces of information. If you are not sure about some answer to leave the blank field, and specify in a comment section that you are not sure about information so our Fleet Manager will guide you through fields you not filled. After resolving all issues with our employee your airport taxi will be reserved.

24. Will my driver take me to the hotel?

Yes. The Airport transfer is included a ride to any point within the location you previously sent us via our web form *link do order I bestellen*. If you want to book an airport taxi to your hotel, hostel or any accommodation type, type property name in our web form. After we know your final destination from the airport our driver will drive you to exact address without additional fees for a fixed price you previously agreed with our manager.

25. How much time does it take to receive the transfer calculation?

Fluxi taxi has integrated calculator within reservation form, and if you book your airport taxi with our web from calculation will be instant. Sometimes due to misclick of customer final cost is not properly calculated. If that happens our operator will contact you and ask you about new conditions. If you don't agree with a new price you can cancel your reservation without any charges. If you use other forms of communication with us like social media channels, email, Viber, phone call after consultation with our operator you will get exact amount within 2 hours. The process of reservation in many cases is resolved in 15 min but if we have a lot of requests at that moment you will receive calculation in max 2 hours. If we cannot find any available airport shuttle vehicle you need we will inform you after this period pass. /p>
26. How is the Airport taxi request through web form is processed?

After you reserve your ride to or from Vienna International Airport form automatically is processed by our secure encrypted web form, and you will receive all relevant information about your reservation at the email address you enter. After that our operator will process the order manually and if there is some error you will be notified. If you want to change details about your airport taxi transfer you need to contact us by email, phone or any available mean of communication technology we support inform us and your new reservation will be recalculated.

27. There is no vehicle type I need for my Airport transport. How can I request new vehicle type?

Contact us by any communication channel Fluxi taxi support and we will try to resolve your problem.

28. I am traveling with children from Vienna Airport, do I need to pay an extra fee for child seats?

Fluxi Taxi is driven by customer satisfaction. We take seriously question about our passenger safety, especially about youngest travelers. Every fluid Taxi vehicle is equipped with child seats. We provide this service without any fee, but you need to inform us about children. Our driver needs to prepare a child to sit for.

29. Is it necessary to book child seats if I am using airport taxi in Vienna?

In Austria is legally requested to have child seat if you transport children. Penalties for negligence( link ka zakonu o ovome kada nadjemo) is very expensive. Reserve child seat up front so our driver can prepare child seat it is free. Regarding all Airport taxi companies in Vienna have a fee for a child seat, we take safety seriously so everyone who travels with children will have a free child seat.

30. What pick-up time should I specify?

For a transfer from International, Airport Vienna specify your arrival time according to the information you received when you book your flight. A flux Taxi driver will check and monitor your arrival time using the information you provided, so please doublecheck flight number before you send it. If you are booking a ride to the International Vienna airport, we use next formula to calculate pick up time. 3 hours + duration of the trip to Vienna Airport. This info you can find on your ticket or in reservation details. Duration is assumed by our operator accordingly to experience we have for airport transfer. Example: Departure time of your flight from International Vienna Airport is 5.00pm, duration of the trip from your pick up location to the Vienna airport is 2hour, then you need to specify a departure time as 12.00am.

31. Booking the return transfer from Vienna Airport, how to calculate cost?

If you are using our web form to reserve your return airport transfer our system will calculate immediately cost of the return trip from the airport to your accommodation and from pick up location to Vienna Airport for a fixed price. The price for the airport transfer to the Airport is the same as you paid for your airport taxi when you arrive at Vienna Airport. Example: Airport transfer from the airport costs 25 EUR, your prepayment is 25 EUR for that trip.. the rest 25 EUR you will pay when our driver returns you for your flight.

32. How can I make sure that my return transfer from and to Vienna Airport is accepted?

Immediately after receiving your reservation our system and operators will send all details about your ride from Vienna Airport. If specified details are changed, please contact us at least 24h before the scheduled ride to change details if they are not correct.

33. Can I make an order without filling the fields?

If you cannot find all details you want to specify or any field is not applicable to your reservation check something and add a comment about the problem you had with a web form. If you don’t find the desired location in the web form or you have some additional comments you can add in the comment section. Or in any case, you can call our operator via communication channels Fluxi Taxi support and all problem you have will be resolved.

34. How can I contact Fluxi Taxi driver?

If you have a problem reaching your driver please contact us via other communication channels we support, email, phone, Viber, whats up.

35. My flight is delayed, I will arrive later than I planned on Vienna Airport?

When you find out that your flight is delayed, please contact us as soon as possible to reschedule your airport shuttle for the new time.

36. My flight arrived earlier at Vienna Airport. Will my airport taxi already wait for me?

If you arrive earlier and you don't inform us about that, probably our driver does not arrive yet. If you can contact us by any communication channels Fluxi Taxi support to notify us about changes. But the best solution is to wait to time you scheduled you airport taxi because of we never late. How to pay for my Airport transfer from Vienna Airport? How to pay for returning ride? When you reserved and confirmed your airport transfer from Vienna Airport via one of the available ways to do on Fluxi Taxi website. We don't take in advance any amount, so all payment will be processed on-site in a taxi when you arrived. You will pay the agreed amount you received an invoice. If you booked return trip you don't pay in advance, you will pay just for transfer from the airport. Your trip back to the airport you will pay when you are traveling back to the airport. The only FEE that exists is if you pay with credit card and the fee is 3 euros.

37. What payment options are available?

Fluxi Taxi accepts payment via all popular credit cards issuer. We accept Visa, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club and JCB. We also accept cash. Is the price for the car or per passenger? The price is per car, we have available limousine and van. All prices are per vehicle not per passenger. So if a group of 3 people reserves airport transfer and the invoice is 30 euros, they will pay 10 euros each for a trip.