General Information

Fluxi Taxi is a taxi service provider specializing in fixed-price airport transfers in Vienna. In addition to airport transfers, you can reserve your taxi to or from Vienna Airport at a fixed price starting from 30 euros. Fluxi Taxi also offers sightseeing tours in Vienna and tours from Vienna Airport to other airports in Austria or the region, such as Slovakia (Bratislava) and Hungary (Budapest).
Fluxi Taxi - Airport Vienna Taxi offers a ride to or from Vienna Airport at a fixed price without any additional fees. The price of your ride to or from Vienna Airport will not be affected by traffic jams, travel times, or any other circumstances that may prolong your journey to or from Vienna International Airport. Regular taxis do not offer fixed-price rides.
Fluxi Taxi airport taxi to or from Vienna Airport can be reserved online using our secure web form, SMS, phone call, Viber, WhatsApp, email to, or Telegram app. No matter how you book your taxi ride to or from Vienna Airport, you will receive a taxi at a fixed price starting from 30 euros with no hidden fees. Contact phone number: +43664 781 04 16
Fluxi Taxi has a fixed price for a ride to or from Vienna Airport and it is not dependent on the number of passengers in a vehicle. Fluxi Taxi fleet includes sedans, vans, and station wagons. The price depends on the type of vehicle you choose for a one-way ride to or from Vienna Airport. Sedan is the most affordable option, but only 3 people can ride in a sedan at the fixed price. The price for a station wagon is slightly higher but more cost-effective as more people can share the ride in a station wagon. Van is the most expensive transport to or from Vienna Airport, but it can accommodate the most passengers, so it can be cheaper when sharing the cost with your friends.
Sedan - maximum 3 passengers, 2 suitcases, and 2 carry-on bags. Price starts from 30 euros. Station Wagon - maximum 4 passengers, 4 suitcases, and 3 carry-on bags. Price starts from 33 euros. Van - maximum 8 passengers, 8 suitcases, and 8 carry-on bags. Price starts from 45 euros. What does a 30 euro ride to Vienna Airport include? In addition to the fixed price for a ride to Vienna Airport, Fluxi Taxi provides customers with: Free Wi-Fi Free Tablet Free 0.5l PET water Free child seats for children
Fluxi Taxi does not allow smoking in any of its airport taxi vehicles. The sedan, van, or station wagon is a non-smoking area, ensuring a comfortable ride to or from Vienna Airport at a fixed price.
Fluxi Taxi drivers will pick you up at a pre-arranged location at Vienna Airport. If you have any difficulty finding the airport taxi reserved by you, please call us to resolve any issues you may have with your ride. If you have a reservation, a ride from the hotel, hostel, or a famous Fluxi Taxi driver will be punctual at the location you agree with the operator of the Fluxi Taxi airport taxi service provider.
Fluxi Taxi offers payment options in various forms. You can pay for your airport taxi with any major credit card company. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Diners Club, and JCB. The credit card transaction fee is 3 euros. You can always pay for the airport taxi in cash without any additional fee.
Fluxi Taxi driver will provide you with a receipt for your ride to or from Vienna Airport.
When you book your ride to or from Vienna International Airport, the driver will receive all the information about your flight. Our driver will wait for your plane, and if there is a delay, they will notice it and wait for you to arrive at Vienna International Airport. We constantly monitor our customers' flights, so we are familiar with all the flight information of our customers who have booked a flight to or from Vienna Airport. Fluxi Taxi does not charge any additional fee or surcharge for the arrival of your plane.
Yes. Fluxi Taxi includes a complimentary 0.5l PET water for all customers riding to or from Vienna Airport at a fixed price starting from 30 euros. Our most affordable service includes free water.
Fluxi Taxi does not transport pets.
Fluxi Taxi will provide discounts and benefits to loyal customers who use taxi services for regular transfers to or from Vienna Airport. Please contact us at or give us a call.
Rescheduling the ride between 7:00 AM and 10:00 PM must be done at least 3 hours in advance. Rescheduling the ride between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM must be done at least 8 hours in advance.
Cancellation made 24 hours prior to the ride will not be charged. Cancellation made within 12 hours or less prior to the ride will be charged 50% of the total price of the ride. Cancellation made within 6 hours or less prior to the ride will be charged 80% of the total price of the ride. Cancellation made within 3 hours or less prior to the ride will be charged the full price of the ride.
No, the price is fixed and only covers the cost of your ride. The tip is entirely up to you.
This situation never happens, but in some cases, if you cannot find your driver, simply call us at +43664 781 04 16, and our staff will resolve the issue so you can continue your ride from Vienna Airport.
You can pay for the waiting time, but we do not recommend paying for additional time for your airport transfer as it will affect your pricing. You can simply notify us through any service you can contact us, including email, Viber, WhatsApp, order form, or our phone number. If you need to meet your friend who is arriving at Vienna Airport and you want to share a taxi, reserve an airport taxi for a flight that arrives last.
We always aim to provide a stress-free journey from Vienna International Airport to our customers. Inform us of any changes at least 12 hours in advance, and you can avoid any additional costs and services. Fluxi Taxi will strive to ensure no additional costs are incurred.
Fluxi Taxi provides complimentary 0.5l PET water to its customers riding to or from Vienna Airport. However, eating is not allowed.
Fluxi Taxi offers transparent prices for all rides to or from Vienna Airport. Airport transfer to or from Vienna Airport is at a fixed price without any additional costs. (Link to the price list)
Online bookings through our encrypted SSL web form are accepted at least 16 hours before your arrival. Otherwise, please contact the Fluxi Taxi call center to receive more accurate and timely information about your airport taxi.
Our web form (Link) needs to be filled out with all the required information. If you are unsure about leaving any fields unanswered, mention in a comment section that you are unsure about certain information, and our fleet manager will guide you through the fields you need to fill out. After resolving any issues with our staff, your airport taxi will be reserved.
Yes. The airport transfer includes a ride to any point within the location you previously sent us through our web form *link to the order*. If you want to book an airport taxi to your hotel, hostel, or accommodation, enter the name of the accommodation in our web form. Once we know your final destination from the airport, our driver will take you to the exact address without any additional fees at the fixed price you agreed with our manager.
Fluxi Taxi has a calculator integrated into the reservation form, and when you book your airport taxi online, the calculation will be done immediately. Sometimes, due to a customer's error, the final price may not be calculated correctly. In that case, our operator will contact you and ask for new conditions. If you are not satisfied with the new price, you can cancel your reservation without any additional costs. If you use other communication channels such as social media, email, Viber, or phone call, you will receive the exact amount within 2 hours. In most cases, the booking process is completed within 15 minutes, but if we receive many requests at that time, it may take up to 2 hours. If we cannot find an available airport transport vehicle, we will inform you.
If you have trouble reaching your driver, please contact us through other communication channels we support, such as email, phone, Viber, WhatsApp.
If you notice that your flight is delayed, please contact us as soon as possible to adjust your airport transfer for the new time.
If you arrive earlier and do not inform us, our driver is likely not present yet. If you can contact us through another communication channel, please inform us of the changes. However, the best solution is to wait for your planned airport taxi as we never arrive late. How do I pay for my airport transfer from Vienna Airport? How do I pay for the return trip? If you have reserved and confirmed your airport transfer to or from Vienna Airport through any of the available options on the Fluxi Taxi website, we do not accept any payment in advance. All payments are made on-site in the taxi upon your arrival. You pay the agreed amount and receive a receipt. If you have booked a return trip, you do not pay in advance. You only pay for the transfer from the airport. You pay for your return trip to the airport when you return to the airport. The only fee incurred is 5 euros when paying by credit card.
Fluxi Taxi accepts payments through all major credit card issuers. We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners Club, and JCB. We also accept cash. Is the price per car or per passenger? The price is per car. We have sedans, station wagons, and vans. The number of passengers in the car does not affect the price. The price is determined for the vehicle.
Yes, there is a night surcharge of 10 euros for airport transfers between 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM.