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Milan | 14 th Feb 2023
Taxi: Reason for travel

Only one reason to travel is enough: Right? If you already travel, then you deserve the best.
Reason for travel
Austria is a country that is ideal for family travel, meaning rest and relaxation. however, Vienna and its surroundings are also the center of many business events. So you only have one reason to go to Vienna.
Booking a taxi has never been easier. In previous articles, we explained what kind of relief innovation and technology have brought us. So if you already have one reason to travel, just one click is enough to reduce stress. Indeed, our business and the offer of taxi services have become so modernized that we offer you quick scheduling and even faster action on our part.
Taxi at your service
As we know that the journey can be long, and that you can't wait to get to Vienna where we are waiting for you. We have dedicated this text to interesting information, which can be educational and entertaining.

Reason for travel


Did you know...???
1. There are four different types of taxis: taxis, limousines, carriages and private hire vehicles.
2. "Hack" is a slang term for a taxi driver; derives from the London black cab which was known as a carriage
3. The words "taxi" and "taxicab" entered the English language in 1907
4. The word "cabin" comes from "cabriolet"; this was a fast two-wheeled carriage used by the French for public transport in the early 1800s.
5. Taxi drivers in New York City take 40 hours of classes to learn conversational English, etiquette and city geography before they are certified to drive.
6. New York taxi drivers are reputed to be the best storytellers, entertaining passengers with anecdotes and stories. / We try to match them,... Do you think we are up to the task?
7. New York also has the highest proportion of taxi drivers in the world.
8. Seattle taxi drivers are prohibited by law from wearing sweatpants, shorts, sweatshirts or sandals while on the job.
9. The most educated taxi driver in the world is said to be Dr. Cai Mingye from Singapore. He is an internet celebrity and publishes both books and an online blog.
10. According to surveys, the most expensive taxi service in the world is New Zealand's airport taxi service.
11. Finnish taxi drivers have to pay royalties if they play music.
12. A taxi can be hired for the delivery of important packages and documents. / Have you seen Jason Statham movies, we can say that the popularity of those movies is planetary. However, in the real world hiring a taxi for the purpose of delivering important things is not that dangerous.
Did you mean that the first Viennese taxi was a taxi cab. Of course the German word for cart. The first license for this type of transport was issued in 1693. The taxi cab was created during the reign of Leopold I.
What was interesting was the fact that you could not hire a taxi or cab for some routes outside the city. Taxi drivers were expressly forbidden to drive their customers after the fourth kilometer. So if you wanted to get away from Vienna and have a little rest, you could hire a taxi only up to the border that allowed them to transport you. A really weird restriction, imagine that kind of rule now. Of course, this strange restriction was abolished in Vienna in 1822. We assume that it was a lot of relief then, and that they could travel more carefree.
With our taxi service you don't have any restrictions, We even try to provide extra comfort and convenience. Call us, book a ride and we'll prove it to you.
But let's go back to the old days. In 18th century Vienna, you couldn't hail a taxi without proving youridentity. So pair for inspection and only then hire a taskie.
The strangest item in the Viennese taxi drivers' rules at the time was that a passenger was not allowed to carry a lamp or torch in a taxi. If he still carried a lamp or a torch with him, they must not have been lit.
In those early years and the infancy of the first taxi service, not everyone could perform a taxi service. Back then, taxi drivers had to prove that they had been involved in transport for at least a couple of years, and of course that they knew how to drive a taxi properly. Similarly, taxi drivers in Vienna had to have certain property at that time, because if a taxi driver was determined to do business with it, he was not allowed to do business. What's more, the law prescribed a condition that he must not engage in any form of trade. Likewise, taxi drivers were exempted from military service. At that time, the taxi service was considered serious, responsible and important. So the taxi drivers themselves enjoyed respect and a good reputation among the people.
You can see for yourself how much time has changed from those days to today. What remains the same is that Viennese taxi drivers always work hard and stick to their responsibilities. We have no travel restrictions, and you can hire us when you want, for the destination you want. What we know for sure is guaranteed comfort.