Fluxi Taxi Blog: 3 Essential tips to use Vienna public transport

Jovan | 12th Oct 2018
Erwecke Deine Romanze in Wien

The public transport network in Vienna is very diverse and efficient thanks to to Wiener Linien which is a company in charge of a public transport. You can reach all major locations in the city, and precisely plan your sightseeing when visiting Vienna.

Metro, bus, tram and railways are well organized and structured, so Vienna public transport is considered to be one of the best in Europe. It is important to note that all of these means of transport are integrated, i.e. The purchased card is valid in each of them, so for example, you are able to combine the underground and bus ride. It is very convenient when you think about your finances.

What prices to expect

Prices are moderately high and prices can vary depending of type of ticket you need to buy. Children under the age of six are riding free, and this is extended to Sundays, during holidays and in Vienna school holidays on children up to 15 years of age.

Types and ticket prices for public transport in Vienna

Taxi Wien

Single ticket: It's worth one ride in one direction and it costs:
-€ 2.20 outside the vehicle
-€ 2.30 in the vehicle

24/48/72 - hour ticket
It is valid from the time you have validated your ticket. The prices vary starting from 7,60 € (you can use public transport within first 24h) , moving to 13,30 € (for 48h ride) and the most priciest is 16,50 € (for 72h ride)

Types and ticket prices for public transport in Vienna

A Weekly pass Valid during one calendar week (and not seven consecutive days!), Or until the first following Monday at 09:00. It is portable and can be used individually by several different people, unless you purchase them via Wiener Linien's web shop 16,20 €

8-day ticket It can be used in any eight days, and not necessarily in eight consecutive days. You can also use it when multiple people travel together, with each person 'blocking' the map once. Days are calculated so that the card is valid on the day of the first cancellation and the next day until 01:00.

Does public transport works at night?

Public transport at night in Vienna

The subway starts to work from about 5:00 am in the morning until the midnight, but on Friday and Saturday night, lines are active for 24 hours. But if you need to take a bus at night, don’t worry; there are night lines which operate between 0:30 am and 5:00 am.

How to skip a line?

How to skip a line

If there is a huge line in front of a vending machine, and you are in hurry or you just don’t want to wait in the crowd, there is a more conveniently option for you to purchase your ticket. You can use Wienner Linien online shop for ensuring you have a ticket on time, or if it is more suitably for you can download a mobile ticket app for super quick way of buying tickets